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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense 

For over five years, Liz Pendlay served as the lead and elected prosecutor in Divide County, North Dakota, and has also served, from time to time, as the city prosecutor for several cities in western North Dakota, including Crosby, Bowbells, Portal and Wildrose. Liz recently retired from legal practice as a prosecutor after handiling thousands of criminal cases over her prosecutorial career, ranging from minor misdemeanor charges to very serious felonies, including assaults, drug offenses, weapons charges, sexual assaults, and even homicides.  Liz has an indepth knowledge of procedural, technical and constitutional criminal law issues derived from her years of practice in the prosecutorial field. Liz has conducted countless criminal hearings at every stage of criminal proceedings, tried and won many complex and difficult criminal trials and has taken many criminal matters through even appeal.  Liz understands the gravity, legal and factual complexity and seriousness of criminal matters -- and can offer you helpful insights and strategy as only a former prosector can in your criminal defense.  Having been a successful prosecutor, Liz knows the ropes of criminal practice and has extraordinary expertise in every stage of criminal proceedings.  Pendlay Law Office is happy to meet with you to discuss, review and strategize about your criminal case; we are ready to intelligently and vigorously protect your legal interests through the daunting criminal courts. 


Our services in this area

  • Misdemeanor offenses (DUIs; Driving Under Supsension; Assaults, Disorderly Conduct; Theft; Drug Possession and Paraphernalia; etc.)
  • Felony Offenses (4th or subsequent DUI; Aggravated Assaults; felony Theft; Drug Possession, Distribution and/or Manufacture; sexual assaults; etc.) 
  • All stages of criminal proceedings - bond hearings, court appearances and hearings; motions hearings, trial, post-trial motions, appeal 
  • State and Federal Court representation



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